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How long does it take to travel to Parrita from San Jose? Plan on about 2.5 to 3 hours by car or bus.

Where can I find a good English-speaking hotel in San Jose for under $100 per night? Try the Hampton Inn (1-800-Hampton), located 1/2 mile from the airport; the Best Western Irazu (1-800-272-4549), midway between airport and downtown; or the charming Don Carlos (011-506-221-6707), located downtown.

What is the local currency? The Costa Rican currency is the colone. For the best rates (about 477 colones to 1 U.S. dollar), change your money at the airport or at a bank. Also, keep in mind that most places take Visa.

What should I bring to wear? Costa Rica is casual. Expect temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees at the beach, around 70 in San Jose, and as low as 40 in the higher elevations... and remember to bring rain gear!

What type of weather can I expect? Parrita’s dry season runs from December through April. During the wet months of September and October, you’ll find sea turtles nesting at our place!

Do I need any vaccinations? It’s a good idea to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A. Also, use insect repellent—there are occasional cases of malaria and dengue.

How is Costa Rica’s health care system? It’s excellent. They perform open-heart surgery and have a transplant program.

Can I drink the water? Yes! We drink water from the tap and eat fresh salads every day in Costa Rica.

Is it easy to make phone calls? Most phones take prepaid phone cards, which you can buy at the airport and at businesses displaying the gold and blue ICE sign with the words “Tarjetas Telefonicas.”

What are driving conditions like? Getting around in Costa Rica is easy, but plan to average 40 miles per hour because of potholes and mountains.

What about crime? Fortunately, violent crime is rare, but theft is common… so lock up your valuables!

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